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Kimberly Vyn is an artist, an avid seaman and a formally trained gemologist with a graduate degree from the Gemology Institute of America.  "Growing up in and around the water I'm inspired by the ocean and everything in it," explains Vyn, whose designs brilliantly blend her passion for all things nautical with her love of precious stones and organic materials.  Vyn began her jewelry designs career with the Santa Barbara Nauti Collection, which features an exotic mix of Tahitian, South Sea and freshwater pearls.  As Vyn has evolved as a designer, so has the scope of her work, which is now proudly housed under the Vyn Designs label.  Incorporating diamonds and gemstones, each piece is handcrafted by Vyn herself in her Santa Barbara Studio, making it as unique as the woman who wears it.  In addition to using recycled metals and toxin-free leather certified by both European and American Standards, Vyn Designs is proud to contribute a percentage of sales to a variety of charitable causes with a special emphasis on marine preservation organizations.